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Coaching is an ongoing partnership that accelerates client learning, performance and progress in their personal and professional lives. The coach is the client’s partner and champion for success ( International Coaching Federation)

Coaching is the Partnership of TWO experts:

Coach: the expert of the coaching process (container)
Client: the expert of the coaching content, i.e. their life/work

A safe place for client to explore, experiment, gain clarity, discover personal truths, values, beliefs, and innate wisdom


Where might coaching meet you in your life?

In approaching coaching, you may be:

  • wanting to develop leadership skills
  • looking for a way to move your life in a different direction, and unsure how
  • feeling dissatisfied with your accomplishments
  • wanting to change something specific in your life, an issue/complaint
  • feeling out of balance in an area of your life: relationship, money, career,
  • physical well-being, spirituality, fun etc.
  • experiencing difficulties with colleagues within your organization
  • feel at lost as to how to improve the workings of a team you are responsible for
  • exploring a project that you want to start and don’t know where to begin
  • wanting to brainstorm a decision that you need to make


Looking forward to coaching with you. tO SUPPORT YOU IN MANIFESTING ALL THAT YOU CAN BE!


  • Provides a focused, personalized development approach.
  • Is strength based.
  • Holds the client whole, capable and resourceful.
  • Assumes a win-win approach.
  • Models positive, co-active approaches
  • Favors corporate retention.
  • Builds strong, communicating teams.
  • Supports succession planning.
  • Develops potential and talent.
  • Builds strengths for use in all areas of a client’s life.
  • Work from the inside out to foster ongoing and lasting growth.
  • Builds results aligned with client values.


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