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Life Transitional Coaching

Bringing to the table my passion for unleashing personal potential at all levels, I offer a space of unconditional love creating a safe environment of heightened awareness, reflection, alignment so that we can bring to the front clarity of possibilities and action.

My professional and personal experience has brought forward my compassion to support my clients in their journey into re-aligning themselves to their unique magnificence. I will be your witness and your guide in keeping you honest to yourself so that you may express victoriously your true essence.

As your coach, I will ensure confidentiality and respect, and support a space free of judgment and assumptions to allow for new possibilities.

All parts of our life interact with one another. As part of coaching we will explore the re-balancing of the various sectors of your life, the mindfulness of the moment, the mind, the emotion, the body, and the spirit and accessing your emotional intelligence. Partnering in allowing your inner wisdom to flourish and manifest.


Get a Life - Coaching Interview with Life Coach Lysanne Brault (Life Tips Daily Blog) - Life coaching differs from other fields in that the “client” is healthy, whole and resourceful. Unlike a relationship with a consultant who is there to tell you how to make things work better, a life coach performs “inside out” work: Ms. Brault describes her role as “getting the juice out” of the individual, with the understanding that the expert is the client. ... more

Life Transition Coaching – Change through a Coaching lens - Do you know about change? “Yes, it is all around us” your reply might be with a wince. What would happen if you connected with change with a whole different mindset? And what if you found out this new mindset is a more natural place to be with yourself than you have ever felt? ... more

What if you lived a strength driven life? - Have you ever thought about living a life grounded in your strengths? Have you ever noticed the time we spend on working on our weaknesses? At work, at home, in activities, in relationships. This does not mean we should not improve and learn and get insights from our life experiences, it means to make choices based on our strengths more often. Another way of looking at it, is from an energetic point of view. To make choices leaning towards what is inwardly natural, using our mind at the service of our heart and not the reverse.... more

What if you could look at your anguish in a whole different way? - Ever felt like you are on auto-pilot or worst that your mind just froze, that it is at a standstill and nothing seems to make sense anymore? The information is coming in all garbled and you feel disconnected as if in a dream, more like a nightmare. When anguish and deep anxiety take over, you are totally disconnected from the current moment other than feeling immobilized and in panic. People experience it differently. Your body and mind go on auto-pilot firing off your usual responses in cases of stress. Those are neural synapses at work at its best. Your body and mind just use the circuits that have been used before to save you of stressful situations and in the past it worked….what is different this time? more

I give you this thought from Sister Helen Keller:

Choose Life
only that and always
and at whatever risk.
To let life leak out, to let it wear away by
the mere passage of time, to withhold
giving it and spreading it
is to choose

Coaching is the sacred space of unconditional love where learning, growth, and transformation naturally occur. (Fran Fisher, MCC)

Coaching is a safe place for client to explore, experiment, gain clarity, discover personal truths, values, beliefs, and innate wisdom

So in hiring a coach, you will identify a specific issue that you want to focus on. It may be:

  • a project that you want to start and don’t know where to begin
  • a decision that you need to make and want to brainstorm, or
  • something specific that you want to change in your life, an issue/complaint/something you want to improve in a specific sector of your life. An area that feels out of balance: relationship, money, career, physical well-being ,spirituality, fun etc.)

I am looking forward to Coaching with you. Living is great. Living in alignment with yourself makes all the difference.


Lysanne Brault, B.Comm. | LBrault@LBCoachingVision.com | 613-748-3580
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